Accommodating iol ft worth

The relative motion of the image you see when you move your head is more then you expect.

This caused a little motion sickness but within a few hours I was adapted and see everything mostly normal now.

I do get somewhat of double vision when looking at distance. JC , Guest -- The -4 glasses will have an effective power of maybe -3.75 or -3.8 depending on how far they sit from your eyes.

The bigger effect is that wearing the glasses you might have just slightly too much minus power, which depending on your age you probably easily adapt to using a little accommodation -- basically holding a slight focusing tension all the time.

Walking around is terrible and I find myself trying to look out of the lenses so i can get a better idea to wear to step.

But it is very cool, my eyes are very big and my vision is good, specially close up.

The only exception is when an order gets stuck in customs which is very rare.

That has only twice to me in that time and in each case Zenni became aware they were being held so they replaced both orders at no cost to me. Several years ago at my suggestion someone in the UK placed an order with Zenni and her glasses arrived in that same 14 day window.

(I'm in Uk) I decided to try daysoft contacts as they are really inexpensive. Cactus Jack , Minusglassesguy, I suggest trying this GOC combo Contacts: 8.00 both eyes.

It is probably such a small amount that I doubt you'd notice it.

Guest , I do full time GOC, I use 2.00 contacts and find that with my own -1.50 prescription I see perfectly well with my -4.00 specs.

I think your glasses will arrive much sooner than 28 days.

Minusglassesguy , I've ordered the glasses from Zenni.

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