Accomodating learning style

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The differences between you and your child or student are not necessarily wrong or right and you will most likely find their patterns are different, sometimes very different than your own.

It’s important, however, to capitalize on what works for your child and to help them to utilize those patterns and learning styles toward a greater capacity to learn and remember.

For years teachers and students have had to struggle with how to teach and how to learn.

Each teacher has their particular style but then so do most students.

No student is exclusively one style or another and most utilize a variety of modalities when learning.As a Special Education teacher it was important for me to understand those differences in order to maximize my students’ learning potential. Compare the differences between how they learn Aurally and Visually as well as the other styles outlined above.It is just as important for all parents and teachers to do the same. Compare how they interact with others while learning in a group or by themselves.For example, a student who is visual may also be a very social and verbal learner and prefers to learn especially difficult topics using their primary skills.Understanding how your student learns is perhaps one of the most important tasks a parent can undergo while homeschooling.

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