Calculadora de 3 fracciones online dating

After you use it the first time, it should be cached by your browser and it will load much quicker. From the calculator page shift-click on the help link at top of the page to display this help document on a new window.After the calculator has finished loading, you can enter expressions either by left-clicking with your mouse on the on-screen keyboard buttons or by typing directly inside the input field.You can use this number as parameter to the ans() function to retrieve the result of the corresponding expression.For example, if expression number was 5/4 4/3 3/2 22 =313/12, you can enter an expression like ans(5)-10 to obtain the result 193/12.The calculator attempts to perform the calculations using fractions, to preserve precision. With both rational and approximated results displayed this way you can pick the result that best suits your need.When the rational result is the same as the approximate result, only the rational result is displayed.You can also use your mouse to quickly retrieve an answer by clicking on the underlined sequence number of the expression.This will enter the ans function for you in the expression input field.

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A few more examples: All expressions that you enter, along with the results are displayed on the upper portion of the calculator window.Normally you would have to start from scratch and redo all your calculations.With this calculator you can change an expression that you previously entered.The direct text input feature enables you to enter the expression directly in the input field (the blue-bordered field above the keyboard).You never need to use the mouse to click on the keys.

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