Configuration options for updating windows xp

These applications will run in a separate memory space and will be isolated from Windows 7 applications.

Although mostly all applications can be configured to work with Windows 7, there are a few that either will not work or work better if they are running on Windows XP.

Installing Windows XP Mode on your customer's Windows 7 Setting up and installing applications in Windows XP Mode How VARs can use virtualization on a Windows 7 desktop About the author Jorge Orchilles holds a master's degree in science in management information systems from Florida International University and is currently a security analyst at a Fortune 20 financial institution. For more information about this title and other similar books, please visit

First thing to do, is disabling the Error Reporting.The following steps will get you through it easily.Figure 9.19: Start Menu Selection Install an Application in Windows XP Mode Now that we have Windows XP Mode installed and setup, we need to load an application.You must go through the first time use setup of Windows XP just like it is installed on a stand-alone computer.The big difference is that, this time, it will be available to both Windows XP and Windows 7.

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