Dating of the new testament writings

Inspiration, it is to be stressed, was neither a divisive nor a decisive criterion.

Only when the canon had become self-evident was it argued that inspiration and canonicity coincided, and this coincidence became the presupposition of Protestant orthodoxy ( Viewed both phenomenologically and practically, the canon had to be consolidated and delimited.

Manuscript Evidence for Superior New Testament Reliability.

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The process of canonization was relatively long and remarkably flexible and detached; various books in use were recognized as inspired, but the Church Fathers noted, without embarrassment or criticism, how some held certain books to be canonical and others did not.

Emerging Christianity assumed that through the Spirit the selection of canonical books was “certain” enough for the needs of the church.

dating of the new testament writings-31

The practice was not believed to be either a trick or fraud.

When such sacred writings are studied to find the revealed word of God, a settled delimiting of the writings—Synod of Jamnia (Jabneh), in Palestine, fixed the canon of the Bible for Judaism, which, following a long period of flux and fluidity and controversy about certain of its books, Christians came to call the Old Testament.

A possible factor in the timing of this Jewish canon was a situation of crisis: the fall of Jerusalem and reaction to the fact that the Septuagint was used by Christians and to their advantage, as in the translation of the Hebrew word (“virgin”).

Reinventing Jesus: How Contemporary Skeptics Miss the Real Jesus and Mislead Popular Culture.

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