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Peruvian-trained engineers, they say, sit around from 9-5 and start at 10k a month.I could only imagine the sort of cash the expat engineers are rolling in here.

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If you’re coming in solo, I actually encourage you to be befriend a local brichero to create a similar symbiotic arrangement, whereby you introduce him to the white girls you wouldn’t in a million light years approach and he would give you a hand on a shopping mall, to which you would need to take a cab from the center.

This left Arequipa with comparatively high white (European) and mestizo populations.

As elsewhere in Latin America, there is a rough correlation between fair skin and social class as well as attractiveness.

El Misti volcano provide an extremely pleasant mountainous backdrop.

If you stay in the center (highly recommended), you will most likely be living in a structure dating back to the Spanish occupation.

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