Faulting application when updating sub table

Uninstalling and reinstalling Reporting Services it does not remove the database associated with it.

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Lastly, there is an appendix that includes various items that are not specific to Reporting Services but are used in many places throughout the article.If you do this, you can view the messages displayed and the reason it failed without having to run the installer over and over. Remove all hung one-time jobs from the Timer Job Definitions page: 2.Here are the steps to run the installer in files-only mode and running the custom action next: This will run the custom action manually and will display all of the messages as it tries to activate the Reporting Services feature and modify the web.config files on the Share Point site collections. Then if the custom action fails you can rerun it at any time without running the installer first. Modify the web.config files for each site in Share Point.Here are some of the error messages you might receive when running this and possible ways to resolve them. Note: Any changes made and saved to the web.config for this procedure will cause a recycle of the Web application. The sites are usually found in X:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\Virtual Directories\#### (where #### is the site number).Under After you have removed these items from all the Share Point site’s web.config files, you can rerun /i.

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