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Mc Laren to take over management of G&L guitars, to keep g&l guitars alive, like leo would have wanted it. So, while G&L guitars arent made by fender guitars, essentially G&L guitars is the same thing as fender guitars, in that they were both the brainstorms and inspirations of Leo Fender.

If guitars are in your blood – really in your blood – you can’t walk away from them.

Fender did not actively promote his involvement with Music Man, but it was never really a secret.

Before 2003 for a short time there was a production of Tribute guitars in Japan.

Every G&L, Legacy or ASAT, I've picked up seemed like a fine guitar. I plan to go back since they also carry a couple of Comanches.

I want to A/B them to see how the tone and feel is between the two.

These currently include the ASAT Classic, ASAT Classic Semi-Hollow, ASAT Special, ASAT Special Semi-Hollow, Invader XL, Legacy, Legacy SB, and S-500 guitar models and L-2500 & L-2000 bass models.

The SB-2 was offered briefly but was discontinued, however, it was reintroduced late 2006/early 2007.

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