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As there was commerce and migrations between regions and even between nations, there would need to be some level of unification between the rulesets, pieces and strategies.You almost couldn't have totally isolated evolution of games from a common origin, with a high level of interaction between players of different variants.Several types of related game are discussed, and the core game and variants discussed in detail.The title therefore cannot be singular, as the content of the article makes clear.Were there to be two or three other articles for specific tafl games, this namespace could be changed to Tafl game and link to the detailed articles. I conclude by repeating I concur with the current namespace allocation.Alastair Haines (talk) , (UTC) If you feel that this review is in error, feel free to take it to Good article reassessment.

In fact I ought to have taken out the "about which we know very little" comment as this, with the 7x7 boards found in Ireland, make this game reasonably well documented (compared to others).

This suggests (to me) that we're missing one or more variants that explain the transition from hall raid to naval battle.

-- JD The idea that the 19x19 games is a naval battle is a modern one.

Perhaps, should more material become available, separate articles for some of the particular types of tafl game would be appropriate.

Hnefatafl would be an obvious candidate for one of these.

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