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It's a totally unconventional camera that captures images that can be refocused after they're shot, so we haven't shot our usual, 2D test charts but we've tried to sum-up its technology and what it's like to shoot with. The Panasonic GH5S is best understood as an even more video-centric variant of the GH5.

Just to recap, the Light Field Camera (LFC) doesn't capture 'pictures' in the way your current camera does - it's capturing information about where the light is travelling.

The innovative California-based company was formed by Ng in 2006, and earlier this year released its first product, the Lytro light field camera.

In a blog post on the company's website, Ng makes it clear that he will remain on staff as a full-time employee, '100% focussed on Lytro'.

With no other information available than what I read here, or on the Lytro web site, It appears that the only way to understand what it does is to have an in-person demonstration.

I certainly won't be spending even let alone .48 on something with an indescribable product.

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