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The granite quarries on Rattlesnake Mountain in Redstone, NH, (part of the town of Conway) together with substantial remains of buildings and machinery dating back to the late 1800’s constitute one of the most interesting industrial archaeological sites in New Hampshire.Visiting the area is like taking a step back in 1995.) Historical railroad information was also provided by Ben English of Jackson, NH.The stone in North Jay was a fine-grained, light grey granite similar to that in Concord, NH and Barre, VT.The building that once housed them is gone as well as the presumably decorative boiler fronts.Hopefully the latter are safe and not among many remnants stolen for scrap metal.

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Portions of the piping used to distribute the compressed air and industrial water can still be found on the ground. Gravity railroads, or tramways, transported heavy granite blocks from the quarries to the once-busy stone yard and sheds at the base of the mountain for processing.

It is flat on one side, designed to stand against a building rather than to stand free.

These, and many other relics, are lasting monuments to what once was a thriving business and village; both succumbed to changing technology and changing economics.

At one time, over three hundred men worked in the quarries, yard and finishing sheds.

Old photos show these buildings, including the main stone shed, a huge wooden building over 400 feet long, which was destroyed by fire in 1930.

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