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“And being in agony he prayed more earnestly, and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground” (Luke ).

When we think of the greatest temptation of Christ we might think of His forty days without food in the wilderness, culminating in the Devil’s appeal to Christ at His weakest points as a man.

Tags: classical music, culture, education, family, inspiration, life, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart . Comments: Leave a comment The first performance in Prague of “Le Nozze di Figaro” in Mozart’s presence took place on 17 January 1787, followed by a second performance on 22 January with the composer conducting.

On their superb scholarly site “ and two letters (one signed by the entire Prague Orchestra) Mozart was invited to come to Prague to see the “Figaro” which had already been acclaimed there a number of times in the end of 1786.

What, then, was the essence of Christ’s temptation in the Garden, and what did He encounter that produced such horrible anguish?

Having voluntarily agreed to undertake His role as substitute, mediator, and sacrifice for the salvation of sinners, Christ was hours away from completing His earthly ministry.

Visit the site to read the excellent research in its entirety, and see the document : , states that Mozart had been sent a poem and two letters, one signed by the entire Prague orchestra, inviting him to come to Prague to see the production.

The content of the report closely mirrors Leopold Mozart’s letter to his daughter of , six days earlier:“Your brother will now be in Prague with his wife, for he wrote me that he would depart for there this past Monday [8 Jan].

The cross cancels sins for all who believe on Jesus.His opera Le nozze di Figaro has been performed with such acclaim there, that the orchestra and a group of great connoisseurs and amateurs wrote him a letter of invitation, and sent a poem that had been written about him. Duschek is going to Berlin, and the story that your brother will travel to England is repeatedly confirmed from Vienna, from Prague, and from Munich.”“Mozart allowed himself to be inspired by poems he came across by chance or to which friends drew his attention or which seemed appropriate for a particular occasion.I have it from your brother, and Count Starhemberg has received it from Prague. Thje text of the song ‘Als Luise die Briefe ihres ungetreuen Liebhabers verbrannte’ beginning with the words ‘Erzeugt von heisser Phantasie’ is by Gabriele von Baumberg (1766-1839).So challenging was His experience that He pleaded with the Father to deliver Him from the terms He accepted in eternity past when the persons of the Trinity agreed on how He would purchase His bride from sinful humanity.In the depth of His torment, Christ prayed that God the Father would remove the bitter cup He was about to drink if the purchase of His bride could be accomplished any other way.

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