Positive effects of dating websites

I also think it has a positive impact on our society, but I personally don't like it.

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The older generation is much less inclined to hang in a bar all night to flirt and possibly meet someone interesting.Maybe we rely to much on technology nowadays and all search for that perfect guy or girl. Expectations are often beyond realistically possible. People are getting shallower and shallower as to what they want in the other person, extremely good looks, high incomes, some one "very" local.Manners have gone out the door, rudeness and disrespect thrive on anonymity. We live in a society that is communicating with people online already, why not dating online as well?!I'm not sure if online dating websites are very effective, but if it all does what it says, than it is very positive.I still think that the process of someone falling in love with another will always be the same, but it can all change in the future (how people think about relationships). Makes single life become more interesting because all the kinds of dating activities organized by internet dating. Marriage (hopefully) becomes more stable because they select their partner from much larger candidates pool compared with before. First the ability to socialize face to face is decreasing do to the fact that one can hid behind a laptop, screen, etc.

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