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She begins the recap with the sentence, "Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite," and ends the recap with whispered voices saying "Where has she been?

" "Serena" then the voice of Gossip Girl says: "And who am I? You know you love me…XO XO, Gossip Girl." During each episode, there is always a social event taking place, whether small or large.

We've never seen the city from the point of view of teenagers.

It felt like a world with high stakes for young people." Schwartz added: "What's funny about these teenagers is they grew up watching Sex and the City, even though it wasn't about them.

Joshua Safran explained, "we structure it [the show] so that every week, the episode leads to an event.

I feel like it is much like a procedural." "The Serena Also Rises" was titled after novel The Sun Also Rises.

And I think they've probably incorporated that into how they mythologize New York.

"Victor, Victrola" is named after the British-American musical comedy Victor/Victoria.

Other New York City landmarks and well-known establishments were filmed throughout the first season.

Victor/Victrola filmed the fictional infamous Chuck Bass burlesque club, Victrola, at The Box Manhattan, a sister club to The Box Soho in London.

It was so clear to me how sassy and catty she needed to be.

Taylor Momsen, Chace Crawford, Kelly Rutherford, and Connor Paolo also auditioned successfully and landed roles in the series in March, as did Florencia Lozano who appeared only in the pilot, and was replaced by Margaret Colin.

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