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RENAL CODE A kidney transplant spells immense hope for a patient suffering from renal failure. If it is stopped even for a day, the organ faces rejection. They must also be careful in taking other medicines if they contract seasonal ailments, like a common cold.“A recipient will start seeing a lot of changes in his body that once suffered pain. For instance, the drug erythromycin can increase the toxicity of immuno-suppressants among kidney recipients,“ says Dr H Sudarshan Ballal, nephrologist and medical director of Manipal Hospitals who has treated over 5,000 organ recipients. Grapefruit, a subtropical citrus fruit, must not be consumed as it can change the immuno-suppressant levels,“ he says.The corneas of the donor need not match that of the recipient, unlike other organs.“We usually transplant the corneas of a young person to another young person, as it can live longer.Narayana Nethralaya is a Super Specialty Eye Hospital in Bangalore, having three large centers, first center located centrally at Rajajinagar, second center at Narayana Health City campus on Hosur Road and the third new center located at Castle street, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore.It is currently one of the largest tertiary eye care centers in the state of Karnataka.

It's the most visible transformation for a person suffering from corneal damage by birth or by accident.It's Not A One-Time Affair But A Lifelong One For Organ Recipients.They Must Value Their Gift And Lead Disciplined Lives, Say Doctors.The recipients are not any oral drug, but on eye drops for over a year. Rohith Shetty, vice chairman of Narayana Nethralaya.Corneal damage among children is largely due to pencil pricks and lime injuries, he adds.

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