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A steel bulk head may be needed up front to stop thefts breaking in the front of the van to climb into the back.How do you know your getting the best installation of Car or Van security products.Scorpion Track has taken the stolen vehicle tracking market and has given it a wild shake up with gold awards for 20 it has really pushed the market with its strong reliability and new features which allow the customer to check the location of there vehicle and allow them to set alerts in case the vehicle is started.With the lowest subscription the Scorpion track is hard to beat with any other tracking unit.catalytic converter theft is at an all time high and you should be thinking about adding a Cat alarm when having an alarm fitted to your vehicle this is a add on system and is linked into the alarm which has 2 sensors clamped onto the catalytic converter itself.

From accountant to architect, wine merchant to web designer, book keeper to builder.It will have the make,model and year programmed into the alarm ECU so it matches to your vehicle software perfect with no problems.Once a Cobra system has been fitted it is good enough for the life of the vehicle.Trackers are a MUST on the vehicles below due to there high profile of being stolen, Most are taken with the keys so you can act now and get a tracker installed before its stolen.The trackers we can supply and install will even work if your vehicle is put in a steel or lead container.

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