You would rather have fun with your new dating

” [Read: 30 subtle, obvious and sexual flirting tips for girls] You get the drift, don’t you?

Can you see how easily this conversation can get naughty in no time, without really involving you and your own new date?

It’s a great game to be played as a couple or with company.

But in this case, text each other a question or a dare and the other person has to respond to it either by acting it out or answering the question.

[Read: Naughty ways to make a long distance relationship work] You can pick any game out of these, and as long as you keep sex in your mind, you’ll be able to get to know your partner better and arouse them like never before too!

After all, arousing a new lover from far away always makes us feel awesome about ourselves, doesn’t it?

It’s easy to initiate, it drives both of you on a crazy sexual high, and you’d be able to build the sexual tension up to such a peak that your mate would want to make out with you on your very next date.

Doesn’t that make the entry of sex into a new relationship so safe and easy?

” And as the game progresses, get intimate when you see the chance.Use these 7 games, bend the rules when you have to, and have a wild and sexy time even when both of you are away from each other. This is a safe game to play when you’re trying to build the sexual tension.You can start by asking tame questions and build up to something naughty and dirty as the game progresses.Just ask personal questions like “what are you wearing?” which will eventually get more arousing for both of you. Push the questions more into the sexual zone with each new text and your lover will start to respond to you.

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